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Pro·​duct En·​gi·​neer - noun

Product Engineers are a special breed of engineers that do not just see themselves as coders or developers but as builders who deeply care about the products they build. The craft combines Product Thinking with technical execution.

We take great professional pride in the products we build as a whole and do not limit ourselves to technical-only roles in teams. We believe that our wealth of experience and breadth of knowledge can bring positive and lasting change to our clients.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture

Architecture lives in a socio-technical context. Being at 5 million users and needing to scale load and organisation or carving out the organisational and architectural wiggle-room for a new initiative to flourish and find product-market-fit in the existing context require drastically different approaches. Getting the balance right between pragmatism and future-proofing is hard. Keeping the avenues to evolve the software into the next stages even harder.

We help you make the decisions. Right there in the teams. In the middle of the feedback loop.

Product Delivery Excellence

A product is always built well - for it’s maturity level. Top-notch products are built on top-notch code so they are stable, easy to maintain, and run smoothly. It is software that both your customers and you can rely on. We need to structure the product and organisation to allow for flow.

We help you build the product. Boots on the ground. Keyboard in hand.

Product Delivery

Innovation Methodology

Understanding customer needs is essential for product success. We don’t want to build products the market doesn't need - neither do you. Using proven methodology we help you uncover these insights, ensuring your products meet demands and enhance everyday life for your users - new and existing. We help you build the right thing. Bringing the validation experiments you need to derisk new endevours.

We help you build the right thing. Bringing the validation experiments you need to derisk new endeavours.